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Lets Book A

It's Party Time...With Wine!!

Let's Book Your Party With Infuse Wine

Booking a party with Infuse Wine Bar is as easy as Click. Pick. Wine! All you have to do is pick your package. Each package is limited by the number of people at each party. Choose your date and time. Once you purchase you will receive email updates about your wine party. You can even create an account to keep up with updates and much more.  

  • How do I book a party?
    Booking a party is simple! 1. Pick your package (all packages are based on the number of participants) 2. Just choose your date 3. Pick your time. 4. Add any extras and Pay 5. We will see you there
  • Can I book a small party when i have more than 7 guests?
    No, Unfortunantly we base our parties on the amount of tastings and take home bottles. We have a specific measurment for each bottle and this is how we have came up with the amount of people required for a party. If you purchase a small party with more that 7 guests you will be charges the full amount of awine bottle per bottle opened at the party. Our infusionists will make sure each person recieves there tastings, 2 glasses of wine to infuse and a take home wine (175 ounce) for every bottle opened a $25 charge will apply automaticly after the the party is over.
  • What happens if I need to cancel?
    All cancelations must be made within ONE (1) WEEK of your scheduled wine party. Any cancelations after the due date will be subject to paying a CANCELATION FEE of $100 (No acceptions) that will be taken from your original payment. If customers are interested in re-scheduling there is a ONE TIME ONLY re-rescheduling policy which requires customers to reschedule within the 90 days grace period. Failure to reschedule will result in automatic cancelation and a $100 cancelation fee will be deducted from your payment.
  • What is included with my party?
    Each wine party , based on the amount of people, is the same. everything that is included in your party is the wine, wine tasting glasses, and infusionist (wine infuser) , an event assistant , take home wine bottles 175ml (enough for each attendee), togo bags, Infusions for the wines, and a coupon and/or discount to be used for your next party or wine purchase. Oh yeah and the fun we can forget that! The exact details will be on the front page of the website or in your email after purchase.
  • Can I have a party that is longer than 2 hours?
    YES! For every hour added there will be an additional price added of $80 dollars. This will go to paying the infusonist, event assistant and for the wine added for the party. Please make sure before purchasing your event, you click add additional hour to add the hour. if you forget. Please email and we will make sure to send over an invoice to to be paid. If the invoice is not paid we will continue with a 2 hour party
  • Are there any add ons?
    Of course! Do you want to add more onto your party like a virtual dj, hookah, charcuterie board, ext. go to add ons in the shop section of our website and add on what you need! or do you need more help actually planning an event and want to use our services? Go to the plan an event and we can help you along the way with a dedicated event coordinator.
  • What if I want to plan a date night or a larger event?
    You will need to have a custom event planned. Go to the contact us page and request a day and time. These custom events will need to be approved. Once the day and time is approved an invoice will be sent to you to purchase.
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