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5 Black Owned Wines To Know And Sip On

In our ongoing efforts to spread light on black-owned wines, wineries, and wine bars. We have compiled a list of wine companies that are owned by African Americans.

Want to help support more black-owned wines do the following:

1. Buy their wine now and in the future. See if they ship to your home.

2. Join their wine clubs so you have new releases sent to you every few months.

3. Follow and engage with them on Instagram and Facebook. Likes and reposts can really help a small business.

4. Visit the winery if they have a tasting room

5. Share this list with your friends online

1.) Bodkin Wines

@bodkinwines| Instagram

Bodkin Wines was founded by Chris Christensen, an Iowa native, in 2011. His passion for aromatic wines and winemaking led him to create America’s first Sauvignon Blanc with bubbles. In 2013, Andrew Chambers, an Oregon native, joined the brand and they purchased 24 tons and made 1,100 cases of their award-winning Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. Bodkin Wines has produced over 15 varietals of wine, eleven of which were scored at 90 points or higher by Wine Enthusiast

2.)Brown Estates Wine


Photo from @brownestate | Instagram

Brown Estate is a private estate winery owned by the Brown family. Mama and Daddy Brown purchased and reformed the estate land in 1996. The family has since made wine under the Brown Estate brand. Some of the company’s popular wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon & Zinfandel blend, Zinfandel, Petite Sarah, Charbono, etc. Brown Estate is also Napa’s first Black-owned estate winery.

3.) FLO Wine


Image from @flowine360 | Instagram

FLO {for the love of...} represents the journey through which we discover those things in life that fulfill us and make each experience a little better; for the love of life, self, happiness, passion, joy…love itself. FLO Wine is but one expression. Named a top 10 Celebrity Wine by USA Today.

4.) Wade Cellars


Image from @dwadecellars | Instagram

Wade Cellars has separated itself from the crowd as an authentic producer of approachable California wines and a principled advocate for the wine industry. Established as a partnership between Dwyane Wade and the Pahlmeyer family, Wade Cellars strives to make the wine industry more inclusive to people of all backgrounds by consciously growing production and creating opportunities for access and education to all those who choose to indulge in this affordable luxury.

5.)Infuse Wine


Image from @Infuse_winebar | Instagram

Infuse Wine was created by Owner Krystal Spencer, a Los Angeles California native and lover of wine. Infuse Wine brings the unique idea of Infusing your wine with different flavors on the spot, allowing customers to in a sense create their own wine flavors by purchasing one of their Infuse Wine Kits. All wines are perfect alone and amazing with infusions added. There are over 15 flavors to choose from and 6 wines to mix. All wines are made in the Linden Region of California. Infuse Wine plans to open a wine bar where wines can be infused on the spot.

Learn More About Infuse Wine and their wines here

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